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This blog keeps tabs on fashion,sadness, creepy things and art too.
it's contains snippets of my life and my great gatsby eyes

I want to lose weight to become a fighter but have another blog for that.

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I just saw this on my dashboard.

What’s worse than piercing your child’s ears without their consent? 
Stretching them with acrylic tapers and letting them wear it as jewlery.

There’s just so many things morally and obviously wrong about this picture.

I am 95% sure those are the fake tapers. Still not really okay, though. 

I’m pretty sure those are fake tapers too. Also piercing babies ears in asian countries is very common. It’s not a big deal and something that’s part of the culture. My cousin got her’s practically done when she was 1-2 and I got mine at 3.

It was really great because my mum took me and I remember the first earrings I had were these star gold ones.

It’s not a big deal in asia and this child might not even live in asia but for asians i don’t think they find piercings to be as a big deal as they do in western cultures.

I actually found it a big culture shock coming from malaysia where almost 90% of all girls had their ears pierced when they were kids, to meeting alot of girls in australia who’d barely had their first holes pierced or were waiting til they were 16-18.


opinions, opinions, I think piercing a child’s ear is no biggie but I do think stretching them is. but I’m just counting on these bad boys to be fake (which they props are)

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Monday Jul 7 @ 09:20am
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